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Welcome To Center For Awareness
Counseling takes many forms. It can help a wavering relationship find steady ground. It can help a family grieve the passing of a loved one. It can help an individual overcome anxiety and work towards their goals. At Center for Awareness - North Idaho and Spokane, WA Counseling, we care about your relationships, your loved ones, and your goals. And we want to help.

We specialize in family, marriage, and individual counseling. When we are treating families, we take an inter-generational approach that allows us to knock down communicative barriers and encourage familial bonds. Marriage counseling emphasizes open communication and breaking free from damaging patterns. Individual counseling is useful for those trying to overcome depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Happy Family — Counseling in Post Falls, ID
We take an eclectic, holistic approach to counseling. We use a variety of treatments to incite personal growth and affect emotional healing. Our distinctive approach to therapy has led many patients towards recovery and personal growth. One of our therapeutic specialties is hypnotherapy. We use guided imagery and visualization techniques to help patients overcome phobias, fears, and emotional issues. Many patients have found our diverse treatments methods to be highly effective.

If you or a loved one is in need of counseling services, Center for Awareness - North Idaho and Spokane, WA Counseling can help. Whether you are seeking individual, family, or marital counseling, we can help you to identify the cause of your emotional strife and overcome it. Do you want to right your faltering marriage? Do you want to fix a family in turmoil? Do you want to finally tackle your debilitating anxiety? Call Center for Awareness - North Idaho and Spokane, WA Counseling today at 208-773-6791!